Gun for Hire - Wayne Langdale - Whistling Bear Illustrations

Gun for Hire – Wayne Langdale – Whistling Bear Illustrations


Let me tell you a little bit about how I work with commissions, I’ll give you a couple of things I need to consider, helpful information you can provide me and then we can go from there.

What I need to consider;

Time – How long will the commission take to do and what is the deadline for it?

If it is a quick turnaround for the deadline will I be putting in late nights and weekend and if it is an extended deadline I have to make sure you are still interested months down the line as I have been chipping away at it.

Schedule – Am I able to fit it in right now? How much of my day will it take up and can I still work on my other commissions?

I will have more than one job on at any given time and on top of that I will be working on new things for my online shop and stockists. That means I have to consider this and think about what could potentially be put on the back burner and what needs priority.

Style – What style would work best for this commission and the final outcome?

I have what I consider two main styles, one being very detailed with line work like the Short Story of the Bear and the Tiger, the second is more like the Harry Potter Fan Art which has a lot of colour an bold black lines to outline the work.

Planning and research – Will I need to do a lot of research or sketching of ideas?

This goes back to time, how long will I need to spend planning the best possible outcome, how long will I need to research the elements involved or possible materials etc.

Size – Can I work that large, will I be able to get detail that small?

If you want it hand rendered I would need to source the material (paper etc) for the right size, if it is too small the detail may be lost and the piece may be tricky to work with. If it is a digital piece or to be altered digitally then I will need to work with file sizes etc.

Price – After I have estimated the price based on the brief will I need a deposit?

Almost always yes as again it’s based on time, my deposit usually is 25% of the final price leaving the final 75% to be paid once I send the invoice with the artwork.

What would REALLY help;

What do you want doing?

Describe it as much as you possibly can, if you’re not sure that’s fine, just give me as much information as possible.

What subject?

What is the main thing you want, for example; “I want a bear sitting on a log with a glass of wine in his hand and a napkin tucked in a bow tie. Everything else is up to you, just get that Bear drinking wine!”

What size do you want?

Now this depends again, but we will go for relating to paper sizes, for example A4 as a standard paper size, the lower the number the bigger the paper, the higher the number the smaller the paper. If you want to compare it to something then please give me something I would be able to picture the same as you.

Do you want it digitally made/edited?

This makes refining the work a different process, I could still make the work by hand and then refine digitally to have the hand made quality, and the end product would be a digital print, but either is fine by me.

When do you want it by?

If it’s a gift is there a celebration coming up? Realistically what works for you, if you are not in a rush that’s great but if you are let me know so I know what I need to do with my schedule etc.

Which of my project do you like?

Believe me this helps, if you are not sure about something but love the Zombie Sweeney for example and the Birds Project it gives me a good idea of where I could go.

What’s the final outcome?

  • A book
  • A digital print
  • A hand made piece
  • A digital file for website etc
  • etc etc etc

So, if you have something in mind, anything, then send me an email and I’ll be happy to call you a client and help you make that idea a reality.

Email me –

Gun for Hire - Wayne Langdale - Whistling Bear Illustrations

Gun for Hire – Wayne Langdale – Whistling Bear Illustrations


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