Change is good

Hey folks. Time for a change.

(it’s a long one but if you’re really interested in my art then definitely worth the read)

I know it’s been a while since the last update. A lot of things are happening in my personal life right now and some pretty dramatic things are happening and will be happening over the coming year, change, lots of change. So let’s get straight to it, what changes effect you folks and my art?

Make sure you scroll down for the details!

  1. I’ll be stepping back from entering competition/taking part in events etc.
  2. Less info with posts etc.
  3. All of my work will be aiming towards a specific project.
  4. My style will change and be evolving.
  5. The end of Whistling Bear Illustrations is near and the beginning of WayneDLArt is coming.
  6. All future illustrations will, some how, link to the same narrative.

Like I said, read the details to explain what I’m talking about.

1. I’ll be stepping back from entering competition/taking part in events etc.

I’m the type of artist who throws themselves into a project, one project. I have juggled multiple projects before and it can be difficult to keep focused or motivated. I have a project that I’m really passionate about, it means a lot to me and I’ve been working towards it for years without even realising, to make sure I give it the attention I need I’ll be focusing 100% on it. There is one project that I liked the idea of that I might possibly still go for, but that’s it, and realistically I probably won’t do it. Things like Inktober and art based events have always inspired me, but I don’t want to get distracted by them either. So I will be avoiding them, unless I see a really good reason for doing it, like a way to expand my project through it.

On the flip side; I am looking into making trips to conventions, creative/writing events and things like that, possibly even live streaming again in the future. It’s really just changing the way I’m interacting with the creative world.

2. Less info with posts etc.

The project I’m working on is going to be long term, I’ve invested a lot to move in this direction and I have a lot more lined up for further investing. That means, although I want you to come on a journey with me, I don’t want to give you everything on a silver platter, because that will spoil the end product. I’m going to be working and refining and if I’m happy to share some art with you awesome folks I don’t want to bog you down with info behind the piece that might confuse you since you don’t know the whole story. So, instead, just enjoy the art 🙂

3.  All of my work will be aiming towards a specific project.

Long story short? Ok, it’s a book. A novel. Fantasy based. Why?

For those of you that don’t know, I’m dyslexic. I was only diagnosed in my early 20’s after I finished my degree. It threw some people, even family, but it made complete sense to me. I always thought that I was just bad at reading when I was a kid, that I was a little slow to work things out. So, naturally, I avoided it. I had a love of making stories and a passion for narrative, so I either told the stories, experienced them through movies and games or forced myself to read in secret where no one could just the fact I had to reread pages, sometimes chapters, for it to be understood.

I made coping mechanisms to help and after I found out and found new ways to deal with it I forced myself to read a story I loved (I know right? Painful) Harry Potter is one of my favourite stories, and my favourite one is Order of the Phoenix, notably the longest of the books. I read it, and the sense of achievement was amazing.

I want to write books that I would love to read, at the same time, I want to have that storytelling perspective. I want the reader to feel like someone is telling them the story while sat around a fire or something. I want it to be full of illustrations because, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy looking at the pictures (but seriously, it helps give the brain solidity to what it read, take a break from rows of text, and if you are caught up in the moment you can always skip the illustration for now and go back).

One of the first stories I sat down and typed was when I was a young teen. I then wrote when I made the cover for Eagan D.W. Machine in the Mist. I then made a story behind Unfathomable which dug deeper into the world of Eagan. All of these stories actually slot into the same universe and have a big impact on this project. Eagan being key. This story will be based centuries after the events of Eagan D.W. and what changed the world. We rejoin the story with his descendants, following his bloodline to a new Eagan, named after the original. A dystopian world now ruled by magical folk and ‘Naturals'(evolved, humanoid animals).

I’ve been writing, making notes and sketching for a while now and I have given myself a rough guide of 2-3 years to work on this, in depth, no distractions(other than the day job).

4. My style will change and be evolving.

I’ve worked my socks off to build my skills with watercolour, and now I’m happy with my abilities, I’m working with pencil again(yep, that’s where it all started). Have been playing with how to combine the two and altering my style. The story will be bloody, gory and not afraid to swear, so I didn’t want my illustrations to be like traditional kids book illustrations. I wanted it to be gritty. So I’ve been playing, researching, seeking inspiration and reaching out to illustrators I admire for advice. I have an idea of where I want it to go but I’m just having fun playing at the minute and applying everything I have learnt.

5. The end of Whistling Bear Illustrations is near and the beginning of WayneDLArt is coming.

Originally, I set up Whistling Bear Illustrations as my illustration work, a name that I could produce my work as merchandise and sell it, all the while keeping my name hidden to an extent from students that I taught in my day job. Now my art hasn’t followed the same path, it’s more about personal projects, about me. As mentioned earlier some of my illustrating friends also recommended a change to help me. I have already started changing my social media names and eventually the website will be changing too. It’s a fresh start, no pressure of what I HAVE to do, but take my time and do what I WANT to do.


6. All future illustrations will, some how, link to the same narrative.

As I mentioned earlier, on project. Everything will link in some way, either concepts for characters, actual illustration work for the book, research or trial sketches/paintings. Some things will not make sense if I post the image and explain the back story, for example, I’m currently sketching a piece for Ulrich Firmfoot, a dwarven wanderer. Who he is, why he might be important or if he’s just a study for a small part, you wouldn’t know until you read the story, so instead, like I mentioned earlier, just enjoy. Everything links to the world in some ways or is a study (like life drawings) to help build my skills and style.


I really hope you can join me through this process, I know it’s the long game but the change will be well worth it.

Take care!




Unfathomable Kickstarter

Unfathomable Kickstarter has been launched!

So it’s now passed the 1 week mark and I have had a lot of support from people both sharing and offering what help they can in any way. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’m still taking on board everything I can. I’ll be honest, I thought I was prepared but the amount of self promotion (something I’ve never enjoyed) is immense, either way though I’m learning.

Head over to the Kickstarter, check out the page, pledge what you can, share and keep being awesome!


Project Unfathomable Update 1

Hey folks, well a lot has been happening and project unfathomable has been coming on immensely. Due to personal issues I stopped one of my illustrations whilst working on it, we grabbed our things and headed for Scotland, a place my family loves dearly. This gave me the chance to explore Unfathomable on a new level. The basic concept of Unfathomable is that it is a book of recordings, both through art and writing, by a traveling artist in an unfathomable world. The goal is that this project will be turned into a Kickstarter project to turn the collection into an art book. The plan was, and still is, to have the Kickstarter ready by the very end of August. Whilst my travels took me around Scotland I really connected with the idea of taking elements from my adventures and seeing how they could fit into Unfathomable. Ideas came from things throughout each and every day. I continued to sketch, paint and plan for pieces through another two trips (preplanned family holidays) through Spain and London.

So, here is the collection so far.


Now I have a list of more sketches/paintings etc to come as well, but today I’ve been working on titles and logos, feel free to take a look.

We are fast approaching September so keep your eyes peeled and I’ll keep you posted.

Project Unfathomable

It has been a little while since the last update. This one, as you can guess, is all about that project I mentioned. Project Unfathomable. Long story short it will be a series of book illustrations based on this bizarre world (with a fantasy and steampunk theme). I will gather up a selection of illustrations and towards the end of August I intend on setting up a Kickstarter. Hopefully I will receive a lot of support and backing to print out a bunch of copies of the book and start sharing them with you all, and if not I’ll print out a few that I will be sending to book publishers.

This is my first real push into book illustration, so far I have finished the illustrations for 3 of the pieces, I am just about to start painting the 4th(literally when I finish this). So a few busy days and late nights should do it. Remember to follow my social media for the quickest updates. Below is the work so far.

2017 A Year Of Change

It has been almost a year now since my last post. In one way a lot has happened and it’s time for change, and at the same time there is no change… My teaching career has altered and now I can safely say I have explored almost all levels of teaching, since I began teaching I have now taught from 8 year olds up to second year university students, I have taught in a prison, retired folks and people coming straight from work. All that experience has told me something very simple and straight forward… I enjoy teaching but the paperwork is always going to be a pain and the government is always going to want more from you than is needed.

So what do I do? I mean I have always been teacher first and illustrator second, pursuing art when I can and because of my passion for it.

Well now I’ve been reflecting and have began to take the steps into becoming a book illustrator. I’m working on something that I’ll tell you more about the closer it gets, but for now, long story short it’s a series of illustration and I’m currently referring to it as ‘Project Unfathomable’.

Here’s an update of the work I have been making and the first looks of the ‘Project Unfathomable’.


Summer Time

Hey folks,

Time for a catch up I reckon, it is summer after all. Since last time I have made a few different illustrations, stopped Sketchbook Wednesday, worked on a book commission, entered a competition and began my own book illustration. A lot, I know. Busy times, but it’s been great. Below is the break down for you, enjoy and remember to follow on social media to get the most up to date info.

Visit from Sunga Park

It’s been a good couple of years since I first began speaking to Sunga, over the years we have chatted about illustration and seen each other grow and develop. For those of you that don’t know Sunga is an amazing illustrator loved throughout the creative industry, she comes from Korea and spends a lot of time travelling and illustrating on the road. This year on her trip to the UK we managed to arrange a meet up, she got to meet some of my students and we had a couple of days thriving on creativity. What can I say, it was like having an idol as a house guest, I was in awe and cheekily treat Sunga like a mentor so I could learn and develop further.

After her visit I managed to develop my style and adapt it through experimenting creating the below results.

Playing Arts competition

Then I was approached to discuss the competition of Playing Arts, the chance for creatives to submit a piece of art work that could potentially be one of the final 52 cards. The artists are given a card, then they need to create a piece for that competition, submit it, have a public vote and then receive the final judging.

I decided with my card being the 6 of spades I would go for a steampunk theme with a six shooter, I gained massive support throughout having Playing Arts showcase my entry, having the most public votes in my section (six of spades) and although not being the final choice of the judges Playing Arts did commend me on my entry.

Entry for Playing Arts Competition.

Entry for Playing Arts Competition.

Book illustration commission

Author Judi Hinds asked me to create an illustration for a novel she has been working on, the story is called “The Wolf and the Panther”. The book is in the final stages and I will update when it is out. Below is the final design and mock up.

Eagan D.W

I had been working on an idea for a story for some time and recently began to pull elements of it together. The story is a steampunk themed series of an adventurer who travels the world recording his observations, each book is one of those adventures. The first one I have designed the cover for in the Eagan D.W. series is Machine in the Mist. Below is the cover illustration design and mock up.

So that roughly brings us up to date, remember to keep checking social media for up to date work.

Enjoy your summer time and holidays.


March 2016


I know, I know. It’s been all quiet on the front but I have got some news for you. Here’s the update for March 2016

I have been working on a new fan art piece for Harry Potter, this time I am going down a more book illustration route. Taking some of my favourite parts of the book and recreating the scene in my own way.

Secondly I have been working on some new designs for merchandise, this will have a playful spin on fan art, keep checking for updates on it and eventually they will be up for grabs.

Sketchbook Wednesdays, with a hectic work life on top of my illustration work I have had to plan my time effectively, after a while I figured the easiest way was to set up specific time just to illustrate. So other than sketches etc I do as and when I have a specific time to live stream and have to work on my drawings. Every Wednesday afternoon (6pm GMT onwards) I will be working on my sketchbook, either for reference work, prep for projects and generally just sketching. Head over to my Twitch on Wednesdays to check it out.

As always, remember to follow my social media for immediate updates, have a great day, see you Wednesday and take care.


A New Year

Hey folks, happy new year.

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and enjoyed a little time to relax. I basically clocked off and spent time with family. Now it’s time to get back on track.

So, a lot happened in 2015, I will not bore you but I have learnt a lot and had more challenges this year than ever before. This year I will be continuing to juggle both illustration and teaching and as always trying to push myself to improve.

Anyway, time for some updates.

During the winter period and build up to Christmas I put on an offer on commissions to raise some money to help the homeless, as a result I had a day of donating hats, gloves and food to the homeless around the city with a lot of grateful people, so thank you to those who took up the offer.

On the build up to Star Wars VII being released I finished an illustration a day, you can check them all out here.

I have a couple of ideas planned for this year illustration wise which will include a lot more research and sketch work so I’ll have to keep you up to date.

Remember to check social media for all my updates as they happen, on Facebook, twitter, instagram, behance and linkedin.

Have a great year guys, and as always, take care.


Christmas Offer

Hey folks,

Ready for the whole Christmas season I was doing some thinking about what I could do. I knew that I wanted to put an offer on for people, so that’s a start. I wanted to do something for others though to make their Christmas special too. So here it is…

I am offering to create a portrait for you for £30. That means you will get a unique illustration, 8″x10″ in size with post and package included. Finally, £5 of that will go towards the homeless in an attempt to make their Christmas a little nicer, some fresh clothes or a warm meal to help the colder nights.

To make sure that your illustration will reach you by Christmas then send me an email as soon as possible.

Send me an email at

Have a great day and take care,


Update October

Hey folks,

So here’s the latest news from October, new job and a move means my illustration work has had to be on hold since August really. I have been able to get a couple more test runs on Twitch though and created two more of my inspirational people (Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart). On top of that I have been planning a collaboration project that I will hopefully be able to exhibit, but that will take a while.

Patreon – Ok, like I mentioned, time is scarce at the minute. That means my time to work on the BTA project is massively reduced. So I decided that I would adjust my Patreon, changing it from per month to per piece. I also opened it up to all of my work, not just the BTA project. So that means if you support my work you can sign up to be a patron, every time I create a piece and post it I will get your donation to go towards my work and you will get a reward as a thanks for your contribution.

Twitch – I have had a couple more test runs and now I’m pretty happy with the set up, still a couple of issues but it should be fine. At the minute my set up is still not sorted out here so unless I am visiting family I cannot really stream yet. However, I am hoping to stream at least once a week when it is all rigged up. As long as you follow my social media then I’ll let you know when I plan to stream.

Wonder Online Magazine – I have just finished the new cover for the “Ambition” edition so once that is up I will post and show you guys, but as always check out the website, have a read and if you write and have something to say you should see their submission page.

Inspirational People – I managed to get another two of my inspirational people finished, I have another two that I will hopefully be able to finish soon, but in the mean time that is five inspiring people for you to check out.

Ok so other than a few small things that I don’t want to mention until they are sorted out I just wanted to say thanks for your support while I have been making a big adjustment in my life. I appreciate it.